Covid -19

Diagosis and treatment protocol for COVID19 patients
(Tentative 10th Version)
(2023, China)

Released by National Health Commission of People’s Republic of China & National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on January 5, 2023.

11.8 | Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy
This disease belongs to plague in TCM,
caused by epidemic pathogenic factors.
According to the different local climate characteristics and individual states of illness and physical conditions,
the following treatment Protocol may vary. …

Zhang Z. Diagnosis and treatment protocol for COVID19 patients (Tentative 10th Version). Health Care Sci. 2023;2:10–24.

Therapeutic drug combinations against COVID-19
obtained by employing a collaborative filtering method

(2023, China)

TCM can effectively treat COVID-19, decrease the conversion
of mild cases to severe cases, shorten the virus clearance time,
and improve the clinical prognosis of mild and common COVID-19 patients

In March 2020, the State Medical Products Administration announced that Jinhua Qinggan Granules will be converted
from prescription drugs to Class A  non-prescription drugs.

Jinhua Qinggan Granules can be used for fever, cough, and malaise caused by viral infection,
in addition to being used for the routine treatment of
novel coronavirus pneumonia.

The antipyretic and antiviral effects of Jinhua Qinggan Granules can effectively ameliorate the clinical symptoms of COVID-19 patients.
Jinhua Qinggan Granules acted on PTGS2, TNF-α, NF-κB, IL-6, and CASP-8 targets and exerted anti-COVID-19 effects through Toll-like receptor signaling pathways.

The State Food and Drug Administration issued supplementary approval in May 2020,
Jinhua Qinggan granule is suitable for the treatment
of mild and common types of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

On March 31, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the “World Health Organization Expert Evaluation Meeting on Traditional Chinese Medicine against COVID-19”
on its official website, which fully affirmed the contribution of TCM in fighting the epidemic situation of COVID-19.